Important Facts on Burr Coffee Grinders

Blade grinder vs. Burr Grinder. Burr grinders are typically more consistent than blade grinders and are the usual choice for commercial grinders, as well as that of discriminating coffee lovers for their home coffee appliances. Formerly used only in commercial coffee grinders, affordable burr grinders are becoming more common in home kitchens. Coffee grinder reviews also make mention of them more frequently as the preferred choice of home grinders, specifically regarding their better design that enables them to provide a more uniform grind and better tasting coffee.

Burr coffee grinders are the work horse of the two types, and are generally accepted as the crème de la crème of coffee grinders, with two strong burrs, either flat or conical, that easily crush the coffee beans between them like the old grain mills. One of the burrs is stationary and the second one turns to apply pressure against it, with the coffee beans in between. Specific settings can be set to specific grinds, depending upon the requirement of the coffeemaker, from coarse to very fine. Unlike a blade grinder, a burr grinder could be left on all day and it wouldn’t affect the good end result of the grind.

There’s little question that one thing coffee aficionados have in common is a love of the rich, freshly-ground coffee flavor; and one of the things they may differ on, is what sort of grinder gets you there, a blade or a burr coffee grinder. On the whole, blade grinders, the most common and least expensive type of grinder, work well in some common drip coffee makers, but less so in pump-driven espresso machines, which require the finer grind of an espresso coffee grinder.

Blade coffee grinders typically have no settings to assure the consistent outcome of the grinding process, so supervision of the grinding process is key. Even if you’re paying close attention, it can be hard to determine if the coffee has been ground appropriately either by the length of time it took to grind or by how it looks.

Three major brands of burr grinders frequently highlighted include Mazzer, Rancilio, and Gaggia, which are all seen as some of the best light commercial coffee and home coffee grinders in their class. All three brands are designed with high-end craftsmanship. Mazzer’s commercial grinders offer heavy-duty cast metal bodies with durable, high capacity bean hoppers and high performance flat or conical style burrs. Their standard for high quality, precision, and durability provide coffee grinders to support any espresso operation.

The Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder sports a brushed stainless steel housing, 50mm precision grinding burrs made of hardened, tempered steel, and strong impact-resistant plastic components. With a powerful direct-drive whisper-quiet motor, and an automatic jam-sensing thermal shut-off switch, the Rocky has no competitors in its class for safety and home convenience.

wet grinder Gaggia, in business since 1947, was founded by the designer of the first espresso machine and is the primary home espresso machine manufacturer in Italy. Their range of semi-automatic, super automatic, and manual espresso machines feature high quality brewing components, Italian elegance, and durability.

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